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Blonde Sucks Swallows and Doggies Dick

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

This dirty little slut suck on a thick dick showing him she knows how to use her tongue piercing. She even sucks him upside down before climbing on the bed and getting pounded from behind. Shes sucks a slut she loves to watch herself in the mirror as shes getting fucked.

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Cute Perky Breasted Blonde Sucks and Fucks

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

Cute blonde girl takes care of her boyfriend by giving him a long sloppy blowjob. Then she gets on the floor and has him bang her on all fours. He flips her over and slides his hard cock in her tight wet pussy and pumps her hard till he cums all over her cunt.

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Blonde Chick Using Her Tongue Ring to Tease a Hard Cock

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

See this Blonde Chick as she use her tongue ring to tease a hard cock.

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Skunk Pok”her”

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Skunk goes to an Interracial Pleasure Fest House Orgy. He finds Blondes Brunettes and Redheads ready to be pounded with Big Black Cocks. Skunk crams his 12 inch cock deep in multiple cunts. Every pussy is filled and stuff full of dick at this of at this party and no slut leaves unsatisfied.

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Skunk Pok”her”

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Skunk goes to an Interracial Pleasure Fest House Orgy. He finds Blondes Brunettes and Redheads ready to be pounded with Big Black Cocks. Skunk crams his 12 inch cock deep in multiple cunts. Every pussy is filled and stuff full of dick at this of at this party and no slut leaves unsatisfied.

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Slut Getting Anal Creampies From Total Strangers

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

Anna is a horny chick that is always craving more cock. Dirty D know just where to bring this three hole slut the porn theater. Dirty D guides Anna down the aisle past all of the perverts lurking in the dark. They take a seat on the front row bench. Dirty D begins to pull out Annas tits and hike up her dress. He invites the gathering strangers to grab a feel. The crowd grope Annas pussy and ass while she sucks Dirty Ds dick. Dirty D shares more of his slut having her suck the surround strangers dicks. Dirty D bends Anna over the couch and fucks her while the perverts line up behind so Anna can suck and stroke their cocks. Dirty D moves from fucking her pussy to tagging Annas tight asshole. Dirty D gives Anna an anal creampie. Dirty D tells the crowd to have their way with her fuck holes. Watch as Anna gets more hot cum shot into her ass then all over her tits and face making Anna a cum dripping mess. Anna pleases every last pervert in the theater.

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Theater Slut Zoe Cum Coated and Cream Pied

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Dirty D met this sexy little freak Zoe in a gothic night club at last call. Zoe wants to party still so Dirty D takes her to his favorite after hours spot the Porn Theater. Zoe is hot and ready to go, she is not even wearing any panties under her short skirt. Dirty D does not have any of his crew to help him video the debauchery that is about to take place so he has to hand off the camera to one of the horny perverts that is hanging out there. Dirty D and Zoe enter the theater and Zoe starts putting on a show sucking Dirty Ds cock. Zoe announces to the crowd that she wants everyone to cum on her. That is when the cum really begins to fly. Watch Zoe take load after load of hot cum on her face. Dirty D finishes by filling Zoe’s shaved pussy with a messy cream pie.

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School Girl in Da Hood Gangstas Beat The Pussy Up

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

This bitch was walkin to her grandmothers house and decided to walk up our private drive to get there. Well there aint no free passage on this motherfuckin road especially when the girl had it goin on like this white bitch did. My boy told this girl she would have to suck his dick if she wanted to walk down our road. Well, she sat down on th bench and sucked my boys dick real good. She sucked him until he came all up in her mouth and shit. After she was done she kept walking up the road and ran into another one of the homies and he told her she had to pay him the toll so she got on her knees and started suckin his cock too. She got another load of cum shot into her mouth and started walkin and shit again. Of course another homie was waitin for her and when she got to him she asked him for directions and shit but he told her his ass needed the toll paid too if she needed directions. This bitch was on her knees again with another dick up in her mouth. My boy shot his load into the back of her throat told her which way to go and she went off on down the road again. She found another one of the homies and what you think happened this time. Damn skippy. He made the bitch suck his dick too. After she swallowed his cum she was told there were no more homies and she went on her way. This time, the homey that just shot a load in the bitches mouth went with her and brought her to this house. When she got inside all she seen was all the homies she just sucked off and she was confused but the homies just told her to suck their cocks again. Goddamn this is one stupid bitch. She dropped down to her knees and started suckin off all the homies at once. This time the bitch was gonna get more than dick up in her mouth. The homies and me were gonna pull a train on her and we was all about to tear that pussy up. We laid the bitch back and I slid my dick deep into her pink pussy and fucked the shit out of her. We all took turns tappin that pussy real good and then we bent the bitch over and took turns slammin her in the ass too. This bitch took all of our dicks in every hole she got and then we all filled her mouth with cum again. Man, we love stupid bitches and shit and hope this white slut walks back through our yard again real motherfuckin soon.

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Carla Swallowing Complete Strangers Cum in the Porn Theater

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Carla is a petite blonde country girl with a wild streak. Dirty D is introducing her to the insane sexual underground and she loves it. Carla is completely turned on by anonymous sex. Dirty D takes her into the theater for a free for all. Carla starts off sucking and fucking Dirty D while the crowd of horny strangers watch. Dirty D tells them to step up so Carla can suck their cocks. Dirty D then swaps out and lets some of the other guys fuck Carlas shaved pussy. Carla is the center of a non stop suck and fuck fest. Watch as Carla sucks and swallows the last drop of cum from every cock in the porn theater.

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Hot Wife Lanka Sucking and Fucking Dirty D

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

Jeff sent his wife Lanka to Dirty D for a Wife Sharing Session. Jeff wants Lanka to go be a slut with other men and return home to tell him all about what she did. Dirty D is happy to send Lanka home with a good story to tell Jeff. Dirty D takes off Lankas dress and finds panties. Dirty D gives Lanka her first lesson slut wives do not wear panties. Dirty D tests Lankas oral skills and gives her an A. Dirty D moves on to assess her pussy it is nice and shaved. Dirty D fucks Lankas hot wet hole until it gaps open. Dirty D shoots his sticky load all over her smooth snatch.

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