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Skunk Pok”her”

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Skunk goes to an Interracial Pleasure Fest House Orgy. He finds Blondes Brunettes and Redheads ready to be pounded with Big Black Cocks. Skunk crams his 12 inch cock deep in multiple cunts. Every pussy is filled and stuff full of dick at this of at this party and no slut leaves unsatisfied.

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Drunk Naked Mardi Gras Girls Wild in the Street

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Miami is always home to hot weather and scantly clad sexy girls that love to show their stuff. This is a smoking hot wild wet t shirt contest
filled with every type of girl you could want. There are cute college girls horny MILFs and strippers all on one stage competing for cash. Watch to see just how far these girls will go to win the big money.

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Kerri Newbie Street Whore

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Kerri is still a cutie. The streets have not worn Kerri down since she is still a newbie. Kerri is a lucky find for Cracker Jack there are only so many fresh fish out there and they get scooped up quick. Kerri tells all about how she ended up working the streets. Listen while Kerri shares all of her craziest stories and dirty secretsdirty secrets. Then watch as Cracker Jack samples Kerris orals skills and shoots his hot load on her.

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The Bachelor Party Asian Girl Pleasures Da Crew

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

My boy done found the love of his life and shit and decided he was gonna get married. We decided to throw his dumb ass a bachelor party and shit to give him one last look at the good life before he went and fucked his shit up and tied the motherfuckin chain to his ankle. The goddamn stripped we hired was takin for fuckin ever to show up and we was getting pissed waitin on this bitch to get to the crib. I called the bitch and she said she was right down the street workin at the fuckin swap meet and shit. I told her to hurry her ass up and get over here and shit. This bitch was an Asian bitch and when she finally got there we saw it was worth the fuckin time we had to wait. She had it goin on in every way. She had a tiny ass body with small little tits and a nice tight round ass. She started strippin out of her clothes right away and this bitch was down to party. She put her shit right up in our faces letting us all take turns tasting her sideways pussy. Then the bitch returned the favor and shit and had us take our dicks out and started suckin us all off one at a time. This tiny bitch was takin our big black dicks deep down her throat. We took this oriental bitch and put her on her back on the couch and shit so we could fuck her really good. She was moanin and screamin when I stuck my dick up inside of her tiny pussy. She came all over my dick in a quick minute and we switched it up so all the homies could get up inside of her Asian pussy. We kept a dick up in her pussy and mouth all at the same time and this bitch was hummin on our dicks cuz we were fuckin her so hard. We took turns tearin the pussy up real good. Then we flipped the bitch over and took turns fuckin her in the ass nice and hard. We were shoving our black dicks deep into this oriental sluts ass and she was screamin and moanin the whole goddamn time and shit. I bet this bitch never got no action like this at the motherfuckin swap meet. After we tore that pussy and ass up we stood around her and shot loads of cum all over her face and the bitch ate as much of it as she could. This was one bachelors party that my boy will never forget. I just hope his new wife dont find out about the shit.

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Skunk House Party

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Holly is a sexy blonde slut who loves big dicks. She wanted to see if Skunk really had a 12 inch cock. He was more than happy to stuff her mouth full of dick to prove it. Skunk then fuck her pussy raw till he came in her pussy and gave her a sticky creampie.

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Young Wife Getting an Anal Creampie in a Porn Theater

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Sally is a sexy young wife that Dirty D is corrupting. Dirty D already shared her with his friends now he is serving her up to the horny perverts in the dark porn theater. Dirty D leads Sally into the darkness until they find a place to sit. All heads turn towards Sally as the lurkers await their chance to join in. Dirty D begins showing off Sallys all natural firm breasts letting the crowd get a feel too. Sally sucks on Dirty Ds dick while he spreads her pussy and ass for all the guys gathered around them to see. Dirty D fucks Sallys hot wet pussy while she sucks a line of strangers hard cocks. Dirty D pushes her head all the way down on the dicks showing off Sallys deep throat skills. Dirty D begins fucking Sally in the ass while the perverts shoot their hot cum loads all over her face. Dirty D pumps his load in Sallys ass for a sticky anal creampie.

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Wife Learns to Swallow Cum

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Brian contacted Dirty D complaining his sexy young wife Candi was not adventurous in bed. She only wanted to do it in the missionary position. Dirty D knew this case called for some flexibility training. After being stretched. Candi is now able to put her ankles behind her ears.

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Black Dudes Fuck All White Girls

Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Watch This Black Dudes as They Fuck All of the White Girls in the room.

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Kayces 3 Hole Slut Wife Training Session

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

Kayce is an experienced slut wife that enrolled in Dirty Ds Advanced 3 Hole Slut Wife Training Course for a complete test of her sexual skills. Dirty D starts off with evaluating Kayces Oral Aptitude. Phase two is Pussy Pounding 101 immediately followed up with an Anal Assessment. After a deep probing Dirty D tests how well Kayce can take a Facial Cumshot for the Final Exam.

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Smoking Facial

Friday, January 16th, 2015

This hot amateur loves smoking as much as she likes dick. She takes deep drags of her cigarette while giving her man a hand job tit job and a whole lot more. They have wild outrageous and very kinky sex. Her tits are big and full and they bounce around every time he pumps his hard cock into her tight twat.

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