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Phoenixxx Memorial GB

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Phoeniexxx sets a new record with a 30 guy Memorial

Day Gang Bang. She takes on every cock in the room. Sucking and fucking her way through the holiday. She takes a

dick in her mouth and her pussy time after time. Finishing

each guy off and eating their cum.

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Black Cock for HOT BITCHES

Monday, June 29th, 2015

Skunk & DFW Knight give Lana Love a double cock banging. Lana has her pussy crammed full of Big Black Cock as Skunk shoves his 12 inch dick in her hole and stretches it to the max. Skunk pulls out of her tight hole and cums all over her back.

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Slut Wife Passed Around 3 Cocks

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

Rick set up a special surprise training for his wife Jaiden. Rick left her a note only saying dress sexy and where to visit Dirty D. Rick is a voyeur and wants to see his wife learn to share her sexy body with other men while he watches. Dirty D has a couple of his boys ready to put Jaiden through a full course of slut wife training. Dirty D starts Jaiden off with some lap dances for all followed by her sucking every guys cock. Jaiden gets all of the guys good and hard proving her oral skills. Dirty D moves on pounding her pussy while she sucks more dick. Dirty D shoots his load all over her Daddys Little Sexy tattoo and passes Jaiden off to the next guy. He fucks her hot wet pussy then tags out and shoots his load all over her mouth. The final guy jack rabbits her snatch and quickly shoots his nut painting her face with cum. Dirty D sends Jaiden home a hot sticky mess.

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Huge black Cock is served to white women

Friday, June 26th, 2015

See this White Women as she get fucked by a Huge Black Cock.

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Military Wife Plays While Husband is Away

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Angelina is a military wife and her husband Dennis is serving a tour of duty overseas. Angelina called Dirty D to help document that she is being a good slut wife while he is away. Dirty D has a couple of his boys over to help put Angelina through her slut wife paces. This is going to make a great tape for Dennis to watch when he gets it in the mail. Dirty D and the guys strip Angelina naked and get her on her knees and surround with dicks to suck. Angelinas oral skills get all of the guys hard and ready to fuck. Dirty D starts pounding Angelinas pussy and gives her a sticky creampie. Angelina proves she is a wild slut when she lets the next guy fucking her stick his cock in her ass. He shoots his cum load all over her pussy and spoon feeds her his load. Angelina finishes of the last guy by sucking and stroking his hot cum load in her mouth and all over her face.

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Busty Black Girl Getting Cum Covered

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Cedra is a 19 year old stripper that Dirty D is corrupting. She puts on a good show at the strip club but here in the theater things get much wilder. Dirty D leads Cedra into the dark seedy theater. Cedra quickly becomes the center of attention as a crowd of horny perverts emerge from the dark corners of the theater. Dirty D unleashes Cedras luscious big tits. Strangers hands come flying in to get a feel. Dirty D puts Cedra down on her knees having her stroke and suck all the perverts cocks that she can get her hands on. Dirty D moves Cedra onto the back of the couch fucking her tight wet shaved pussy while she continues sucking off strangers. Soon Cedra is taking load after load on her face and tits. Dirty D finishes leaving his mark by spraying her snatch with a healthy cum load. Cedra leaves a cum covered mess having satisfied every single pervert.

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Sultry Brunette European Girl Sucking Dick and Banged

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Watch as the sexy European brunette gets hot wet snatch banged. Her supple all natural breasts bounce in rhythm as her pussy gets pounded. She works his hard dick until it erupts. She drains every last drop of cum from his cock leaving them both totally satisfied.

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Gangbang Slut Heather Pays The Rent with Her Pussy

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

So check this shit right. Me and some of the boyz was chillin at the crib and this fly ass white bitch Heather showed up lookin for an apartment to rent. I almost fucked the shit up and told her she was at the wrong place but I caught myself and told her that she was at the right place and invited her up inside to scope the place out and shit. When she got up inside the boyz played right along and we told this bitch that we decided not to move and shit but she could be our roommate if she was down for it and she could even live up in this motherfucker for free. Of course she was down for that shit but then we told her fly ass that she was gonna have to give us all that pussy in exchange for a place to stay. The bitch didnt even think about the shit and was on her knees in a quick minute suckin on some big black dick and shit. We took turns shoving our dicks all up in her mouth and then we took the bitches clothes off and seen she had a nice ass set of titties and a big ole round ghetto booty. I was like hell yeah its time to tear that pussy up and pull a train on her white ass. We fucked this white ho for a minute and shit and she was fuckin all of the homies right the fuck back. This whore was all about getting dicked down and shit and for a minute I thought she was gonna out fuck me and the boyz. This bitch sucked and fucked every single one of us and me and all the homies took turns sprayin the bitch in the face with load after load of cum and shit. When we was all done the bitch was like OK when do I move in. HELL YEAH.. We got us a live in white slut and shit and you know we gonna be tappin that pussy till its all tore the fuck up.

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Skunk Pleasure Fest Orgy

Friday, June 19th, 2015

Skunk goes to an Interracial Pleasure Fest House Orgy. He finds Blondes Brunettes and Redheads ready to be pounded with Big Black Cocks. Skunk crams his 12 inch cock deep in multiple cunts. Every pussy is filled and stuff full of dick at this of at this party and no slut leaves unsatisfied.

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Phoenixxx Marble Egg

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Phoenixxx is horny and curious little slut.

While masturbating she notices how smooth and perfectly shaped the marble egg is. She picks it

up and rubs it against her pussy. Slowing she inserts it until in disappears inside her. Phoenixxx shows off her cunt muscles by squeezing and slowing pushing

the egg out of her tight hole. So hot youll want to lick the egg.

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