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Dr Sparky Shocks Courtneys Sphincter

Monday, February 27th, 2017

Ally wanted to get a taste of some kinky sex. But Dr. Sparky gives her a full serving of dememented delights. Ally had only tried out light spanking before now. Dr. Sparky introduces Ally to his lightning rod for some High Voltage FUN. After Dr. Sparky makes his way through his tool box he sticks electrodes on Allys butt to give her a Dancing Ass. Watch Allys ass flex as Dr. Sparky bangs her bald pussy.

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European brunette getting her ass banged on a beach movie set

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

This hot Eastern European couple where working on a budget movie set together. They could not resist the opportunity to live out their sex on the beach fantasy. Watch as this sexy brunette takes her boyfriends cock in all three of her hot holes.

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School Girl in Da Hood Gangstas Beat The Pussy Up

Saturday, February 25th, 2017

This bitch was walkin to her grandmothers house and decided to walk up our private drive to get there. Well there aint no free passage on this motherfuckin road especially when the girl had it goin on like this white bitch did. My boy told this girl she would have to suck his dick if she wanted to walk down our road. Well, she sat down on th bench and sucked my boys dick real good. She sucked him until he came all up in her mouth and shit. After she was done she kept walking up the road and ran into another one of the homies and he told her she had to pay him the toll so she got on her knees and started suckin his cock too. She got another load of cum shot into her mouth and started walkin and shit again. Of course another homie was waitin for her and when she got to him she asked him for directions and shit but he told her his ass needed the toll paid too if she needed directions. This bitch was on her knees again with another dick up in her mouth. My boy shot his load into the back of her throat told her which way to go and she went off on down the road again. She found another one of the homies and what you think happened this time. Damn skippy. He made the bitch suck his dick too. After she swallowed his cum she was told there were no more homies and she went on her way. This time, the homey that just shot a load in the bitches mouth went with her and brought her to this house. When she got inside all she seen was all the homies she just sucked off and she was confused but the homies just told her to suck their cocks again. Goddamn this is one stupid bitch. She dropped down to her knees and started suckin off all the homies at once. This time the bitch was gonna get more than dick up in her mouth. The homies and me were gonna pull a train on her and we was all about to tear that pussy up. We laid the bitch back and I slid my dick deep into her pink pussy and fucked the shit out of her. We all took turns tappin that pussy real good and then we bent the bitch over and took turns slammin her in the ass too. This bitch took all of our dicks in every hole she got and then we all filled her mouth with cum again. Man, we love stupid bitches and shit and hope this white slut walks back through our yard again real motherfuckin soon.

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Skunk Pool Table

Friday, February 24th, 2017

Shannon and Sandie take on Skunk and friends in an all out orgy party in Vegas. These sluts take on 3 Big Black Cocks and get there holes filled. Shannon gets bent over the pool table and has her pussy stuffed with Skunks 12 inch dick. Watch these sexy whores take cock after cock in their pink swollen pussies as they scream in pleasure.

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Girl Next Door Jasy Taking on Strangers in a Seedy Porn Theater

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Jasy looks like the girl next door but she has a bad girl streak that Dirty D is cultivating. Dirty D takes Jasy to the dark porn theater to expose her to the seedy sexual underground. Jasy never knew that anonymous public sex existed and now she it about to get a taste of it first hand. Dirty D brings her inside the theater and Jasy quickly notices that all eyes are on her. Dirty D removes Jasys top showing off her natural titties. The crowd starts jacking their cocks in anticipation of whats to come. Dirty D lifts her skirt to find that she is wearing no panties and is wet and ready. Jasy bends over and sucks Dirty Ds dick while he shows off her shaved pussy to the crowd. Dirty D takes turns fucking her with a guy from the crowd. Soon Jasy begins taking loads of hot cum all over her tits
. Dirty D gives Jasy a big messy creampie for the grand finale.

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Blonde Gives Bath Time Blowjob

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Stacy is about to take a shower when her husband comes home. He tells her hes had a HARD day also. She tells him to get in the shower so she can help relieve his stress and hard on. Steam isnt the only thing getting hot in the shower. She sucks and licks him till he gives her a sticky facial.

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Phoenixxx Apt GB

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Phoenixxx is having another Apartment Gang Bang with a few friends. Such a good little Slut she gobbles cock after cock
deep throating and sucking their balls. Phoenixxx shows why she is the Gang Bang Cum Queen by fucking every guy and sucking down his sticky load.

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True Stories of Street Slut Survival

Monday, February 20th, 2017

Jane is seeking Tarzan in the concrete jungle. After her first taste of dark meat she was struck with jungle fever. Jane currently has two white babies and much to her parents surprise a zebra child. She needs that large black cock to fill her big tired pussy. Listen to how Jane is losing the race between the dealer and being able to keep a few dollars in her pocket. You wont even believe how she deals with an armed pussy bandit.

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Skunk Pok”her”

Sunday, February 19th, 2017

Darians cuckhold hubby has lost a black jack game to Skunk. He doesnt have enough to cover the lose so uses his slut wife Darian as payment. Skunk takes out everything he owes and more as he shoves his cock deep in her pussy. He puts her on the table and slams her cock in her until he cums

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Kayces Advanced 3 Hole Course

Friday, February 17th, 2017

Kayce is an experienced slut wife that enrolled in Dirty Ds Advanced 3 Hole Slut Wife Training Course for a complete test of her sexual skills. Dirty D starts off with evaluating Kayces Oral Aptitude. Phase two is Pussy Pounding 101 immediately followed up with an Anal Assessment. After a deep probing Dirty D tests how well Kayce can take a Facial Cumshot for the Final Exam.

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