Passed Around by Da Boyz

Me and da crew was all chillin out on the porch and shit playin some bonez and shit. We was just chillin and bullshittin with our homey who just got up outta county and shit and we noticed our boy Brian was motherfuckin missin in action and shit. He was supposed to be finding us some pussy and that motherfukers likes to grab a ho all for himself and shit. I was like Hell Naw! if that motherfucker finds some pussy he gonna share that shit cuz Im fuckin today for sho. Shonuff Brian walked up with this fly ass white ho and I let him know straight up that there aint gonna be no Solo Stabbin goin on in this motherfucker today. Brian took the bitch up in the crib and shit to get somethin to drink and shit. We waited a minute and shit and then decided that it was time for us to go up in their and see what the fuck was goin on and shit. We found his ass up in the room naked and shit on top of the bitch bitin on her titties and shit. We was like oh hell no this motherfucker tryin to cock block the homies and shit. We told the bitch if she was gonna fuck him she had to fuck all of the homies. This bitch didnt say a goddamn word and just dropped to her knees and started workin her mouth all over our dicks and shit. This white slut just kept switchin back and forth makin sure all the homies was getting equal attention and shit, and then we laid the botch back on the bed so we could tear that pussy up a bit. This white ho had no clue what the fuck she just walked into she about to get one hell of a train pulled on her and shit and me and the homies gonna stretch that pussy with our big black dicks fo sho. This ho acted like she done this shit before she was suckin on our dickd non stop and shit while we took turns fuckin her pink pussy. Then we got the bitch moanin and shit when we stuck 2 dicks up in her at once. We were tappin that ass while she was ridin another dick and took turns tearin her ass and pussy up. The bitch was lovin the shit too she was a white slut for sure and we was sure happy to have her at the crib. We ended up covering the bitches face in cum and shit and made her clean our dicks off and shit. This white slut gonna be put on the motherfuckin speed dial and shit so we can get some fast ass whenever the fuck we want it.

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